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Have been horribly slack with uploading photos on here…got quite the backlog of images going! 

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Back In Black

Due to money issues, I unfortunately had to cancel my Iron Fist shoot with Cat for the moment…however…thankfully this did not affect my chances with the gothic clothing website, as they had a look at my LARP shots, and decided to message me to tell me they want me as their photographer! They’ve asked me to go down to Brighton on the 11th May and carry out a day of shooting for their website revamp as they have lots of new products, and a couple of new models. I’m so excited to get this opportunity and grinning from ear to ear - I love photographing alternative people as I love the style and dress, but not only that, this will be great for my CV. Buzzing.

P.S. - “Empire” LARP photos will go up soon. 

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…awesome, but I’m still swamped under the amount of editing I need to do on all the photos - though that’s to be expected after a week of photographing almost 2,000 people. Players have been very pleased with what I’ve uploaded so far though. My friend is coming home soon so we can get cracking with her Iron Fist shoot and send the photos in to the clothing website I was talking with. In the meantime I’m waiting to hear back from a job interview, I’ve got a day in London coming up, and a holiday in a few weeks…better get back to those photos

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Update: LARP Event photography and goth clothes site


As of tomorrow I am off to a huge Profound Decisions live action role play (LARP) event for a week as part of the crew. As well as doing odd jobs I’m also down as an official photographer, giving me valuable work experience and a great chance to take atmospheric shots of people in intricate costume. I love themed/costume shoots and this will be a fantastic opportunity as LARPers tend to put a great amount of time and money into their clothes for these events. Add that to the fact there will be custom built surroundings and accessories as well as some woods and you have yourself a brilliant set for action shots. It will be challenging though - on the first day alone I have to help photograph roughly 1,000 people for their database!

Click here to watch the trailer for this event: PROFOUND DECISIONS - THE EMPIRE

 imageAs well as this, I have been in contact with a Goth clothing website about potentially doing some photography for them. They have had a look at my blog and whilst they say that the photos which I have taken with my Lumix are not bad, they wish to see what I can do with a professional DSLR (which I currently have access to, as I have borrowed one for the LARP event) and to take some photos of a model so that they can get an idea of how good I am at making clothing stand out. They said photos from the Profound Decisions event would be great (as obviously everyone will be in costume so clothing will already be emphasised) but I am also doing an Iron Fist shoot with my friend and model Cat (See her blog HERE) when she gets back from holiday. All this over the next 3 weeks.

Busy busy busy!

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